Footprints of Hope

Footprints of Hope

Do You Want to Get Well?  John 5:6

John and Mary Kay

Rev. Mary Kay Tortoriello, MA & Rev. John Tortoriello, MA
Pastoral Counselors  --  Isaiah 61:1-3

Office: 256-892-9267

John: 256-490-2362

Mary Kay: 256-490-2645


Footprints of Hope is a not-for-profit ministry serving the local churches of Alabama.   Footprints of Hope bridges the gap between the busy pastor and Christian Counselor.

Fee donation services are on a sliding scale basis based upon monthly income.  Our goal is to help troubled people recover even in cases of limited financial resources.  Our sessions are an hour to hour and a half in duration.

We recognize the professional, ethical, and confidential relationship between counselor and counselee and treat each referral with dignity, sensitivity, and respect.

Each one of us faces times of inner conflict, stress, emotional pain, and loss.   Any one of these can push us to the limits of our faith and affects our personal, marital, or family relationships.  These are times we need someone who understands, someone who will listen, and someone to help chart a course filled with real and workable solutions.

Footprints of Hope