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It is our hope that you will find this experience refreshing and encouraging as we work with our horses to bring out the very best in each of you.

Horses are very sensitive to human emotions and feelings. They have the ability to pick up fear, anger, sadness, joy, frustration, comfort, and mirror what is going on inside of you.

Upon the first encounter, we will be sharing how a horse thinks. First, a horse is a fight or flight animal due to having to protect themselves from predators in the wild. They think that they are going to be attacked and eaten and so they want to escape something that might spook them.

We humans can learn a lot from horses if we try to make them do what we want. If you want to grow, be still and watch the horse's body language. They will mirror your emotions and body language and tell you a lot about yourself.

We will be learning about EAGALA -- the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. Our goal is to provide the environment to enable "at risk youth" to discover their potential and to overcome their fears, anger, frustrations, and to experience how to improve their quality of life through powerful metaphors horses evoke.

This offers invaluable opportunities to connect deeply with others -- which is our intention to guide you towards improving your situations.

John & Mary Kay Tortoriello, MA

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